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Part M

Touchdown Engineering Ltd is a CAA licensed Part M aircraft engineering company authorised to carry out a wide range of aircraft routine maintenance, renovation, rebuild & restoration work. These changes will apply to all EASA adopted aircraft Annexe | aircraft bringing significant changes to the way maintenance is managed.

What does it mean to the owner/operator?

  • Do you understand what it will mean to you as owner/operator?
  • Part M is a new Standard of Maintenance to be brought in by EASA in September 2008.
  • It means that you as owner/operator are responsible for the aircraft's airworthiness − no one else!
  • You will have to choose a 'CAMO' − a 'Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation'. This will be a Part M Approved Company.
  • This organisation will control the aircraft's maintenance and issue the 'Annual Review' which leads to the issue of a 12 month Airworthiness Renewal Certificate [ARC].

Touchdown Engineering Ltd, 01953 861351

William Layzell, 07951 024073